I’ve scoured the Web for simple resources and how-to guides. Print them out, carry them with you!

Equipment and editing facilities are also available at the Learning Commons at the library.

Amherst Wire:

* FTP: Uploading to Amherst Wire

* Workshops


* Audacity video:  Getting Started | Editing Basics

*  Online Journalism Tutorials:  Audacity Video

* Audiojournalists toolkit

* Audacity training from Teacher Training Videos

* Audacity tutorial from Atomic Learning

* OIT’s Audacity Tutorial

* Sound in the Story: Balancing the Tools in New Media Journalism (PDF)

* Audio Troubleshooting Tips

* Zoom H2 Instructions

* Recording With The Zoom H2


* Blogging Basics

* Tumblr Tutorial


* A Beginner’s guide to creating databases


* FlashJournalism


* Webmonkey


* Free online multimedia (photo, audio, video) editors

Online Training Resource:

* Gaylord College’s PaceSetter


Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop

*  Preparing images and photos for the Web.

* There are many photoshop tutorials on the Web, here’s one from UC Berkeley and from the J-Lab at the University of Maryland.

Semantic Web:

Semantic Web Tutorial


* Soundslides manual: Project basics


* MediaShift: Storyboarding Basics

* Knight Digital Media Center: Multimedia Storyboarding


* Dipity Timeline Maker


* Atomic Learning: Premiere Pro

* OIT’s Final Cut Express Tutorial

* OIT’s IMovie Tutorial

* Making a Good Newspaper Video

* Tips for Good News Video

* Video Resources


6 Responses to Tutorials

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  6. Larryy says:

    Mr. Fox,
    Thank you for posting and categorizing all of the sites here. I teach journalism in a samll West Texas town (pop. 1293). This year was the first year that our school has had a newspaper in a long time. This coming year I want to expand the newspaper to include an online presence with blogs, videos, podcasts, and graphics. Thanks again for the good references on this site.
    The website http://nudigiviews.weebly.com is a practice website for our school newspaper.

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