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Thursday’s Class….

Please make sure you complete Blog Assignment #4 prior to Thursday’s class. We’ll talk about sound and begin handling some of the cameras on Thursday. Advertisements

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Class Blog Discussion #1

Please read: “How David O. Russell Made Me a Journalist,” by Callie Schweitzer and weigh in on the comments section of this blog post with your own comments.

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Welcome to Multimedia Journalism!

Hi Multimediaites — This is your class blog, learn it, live it, love it! This is the space where we will be communicating and sharing information so “follow” the blog and get ready for a rockin’ semester! Steve

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Tonight’s Twitter Assignment

Twitter Assignment #5:  Please cover the Karl Rove speech on campus tonight:  7:30 p.m. at Student Union Ballroom.  Please file 7-10 tweets on the event.  Use the hashtag: #roveumass.  This is another mobile assignment, so please use your mobile phones. … Continue reading

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Folks — Based upon what I’ve seen and heard today, I’m going to extend the deadline for your projects to the state of class on Tuesday.  Please take the extra time this weekend to fine-tune your projects and  make them … Continue reading

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Your Next Two Twitter Assignments…..

TWITTER ASSIGNMENT#3:   Ok, so this is going to be a little different and more fun.  This idea comes courtesy of my friend Carrie Brown-Smith at the University of Memphis.  The idea is to go on a scavenger hunt for school … Continue reading

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For Thursday: Blog Discussion #2

This project: Photographer as Witness: A Portrait of Domestic Violence, has drawn considerable outrage and scrutiny.  In the comments section here, weigh in with your thoughts on the many ethical issues involved with this piece.  What would you have done … Continue reading

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