Blog Grading Rubric

You will receive 10 points for each blog entry for a cumulative 100 points.  Missed blog points will equal ‘0’ points. The points will be based on the following criteria:

Blog Concept: Is there a specific focus, and does the student stick to it? ‘A’ Work:  The blog is focused and well-written. The post makes sense and centers on an interesting idea. It’s publishable. ‘B’ Work: The blog is pretty focused but the writing could be improved. Concerns about publishing because of typos, other errors. ‘C’ Work: Concept could use some more development but it has potential. Writing is all over the place. Probably not publishable. ‘D’ or Below: Concept  basically fails. It is way too broad or offers no take on thoe subject. Not publishable.
External Connections: (i.e. links, photos, other content.) A’ Work:  There are  ways for audience to engage with material. At least three links in post, several photos. ‘B’ Work: Some good linking, but could be better. Photos are there but not the best. ‘C’ Work: Poor or improper linking (links don’t work); links are not embedded. Photos aren’t relevant. ‘D’ or Below: No links, no photos, no audience connection on any level.
Blog Posts: Is content appropriate, meaningful? Are the posts long enough? Well cited? Are sources varied and reputable? ‘A’ Work: Interesting stuff. Great analysis; some primary reporting; good mixture of analysis, interviews, commentary. ‘B’ Work: Good variety of content. Maybe some of the posts are too long or not substantial. ‘C’ Work:

Not much variety of content but there is stuff here to read.

‘D’ or Below:

Pretty light on content, not substantial, perhaps just a bunch of links. Adds nothing new to the blogosphere.

Updating: Is the student regularly updating, according to requirements? A’ Work: At least 10 blog and Twitter posts, spread out through the semester, all the proper length. B’ Work: At least 8 posts, spread through the semester (or 10 but some of the 10 are heavy at the end of the semester) C’ Work: At least 5 posts, tending to be thrown in at the end of the semester. ‘D’ or Below: 2 or fewer posts.
Writing: A’ Work: Coherent; strong word choice; well-organized. No typos; no grammatical errors. ‘B’ Work: Some organizational issues. Some typos and grammatical errors. ‘C’ Work: Poor word choice, lack of coherence, filled with typos. D’ or Below: Major organizational issues, no coherence, poor word choice.

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