Student Blogs


* Jessica Burks

* Molly Clancy

* Andrew Cyr

* Alex Furlo

* Olivia Laramie

* Amy Lightbody

* Colin McGinnis

* Jha’nai Richardson

* Colby Sears

* Lexi Sheldon

* Ruwan Teodros

* Eric Vastano


* Cassidy Anthony

* Chris Corso

* Jason Kates

* Ian Keilty

* Andrew Kratochwil

* Tom Mulherin

* Kathleen Mullen

* Kerry O’Connor

* Pio Romano

* Samantha Roy

* Joseph Saade

* Christian Yapor


* Thomas Beaton

* Eric Bosco

* Julia Cardillo

* Kyla Galer

* Kristina Kulyabina

* Alex Lane

* Ben Lithgow

* Jesse Mayfield-Sheehan

* Dan Peltier

* Taylor Smaldone

* Conor Snell

* Maria Uminski

* Erin Wolosz


Samara Abramson

Meghan Allen

*   Ryan Bemis

Meghan Connolly

Lindsay Davis

Josh Gosselin

Chris Kornichuk

Alex Lindsay

Daniel Rodriguez

Tom Verdone

FALL 2012

Amber Blunt

Alexander Culver

Hannah Cohen

Brittney Figueira

Elizabeth Geffre

Jake Hachey

Rosemary Kelly

Shaina Mishkin

Lindsay Poole

Steffi Porter

Casey Sullivan


Anjulei Aurelio

Felicia Cohen

Kadyrose Druar

Melissa Gately

Alexa Hoyle

Daniel Lajoie

Micah Levine

Jennifer Mageary

Tyler Manoukian

Dylan Merry

Remy Schwartz

Zach Weishar


FALL 2011

Michelle Alcott

Katie-Rose De Candia’s Voice of Reason

David DiBiase’s Multimedia Coverage

Amanda Drane’s Multimedia Journalism

Cam Ford’s Multimedia Journalism Blog

Tim Jones’ Multimedia Amherst

* Tori Hultzman’s Multimedia Journalism

Julia Kacmarek and the Headlines

Brian Lesperance’s O Tempora! O Mores!

Steve Levine’s Multimedia Journal

* Gina Maruschak’s Blog

Piecing it Together by Hannah McGoldrick

Kiri Mullen Journalism

Meaghan Murphy

Ashley Stansbury’s State of Flux

Michael Stewart’s Blog



Curtis Bloomfield

Jackie Chambers

James Fetcho’s Multimedia Blog

Kimya Hedayat-Zadeh’s Multimedia Blog

Matt McCarron’s Multimedia Journalism Class Blog

Chris O’Brien’s Juxtapolaris Blog

Noelle Richard

Rachel Roberts

Karmen Wong

Julie Varney’s From Pen To Post

Alex Waldman’s Is That Sarcasm?

FALL 2010

* Elayne Badrigian’s Blog

* Olivia Fahey’s Multimedia Blog

Maggie Mae’s Blog

* Paige Gildner’s Bloggings of a Multimediate

* Talene Jermakian’s Blog

* Demi Kavaltzis — Multimedia!

* J.M. Kellogg Multimedia Journalism

* Mariel Kennison’s Blog

* MDMStone’s Blog

* Thomas Moore

* Haley Omand Journalism

* Jess Sacco’s Multimedia Blog

* Lauren Tela

* Chelsea Whitton


*   Maura Anderson’s Battleground 2010

*   Rebecca Babin’s Down to Dance

Gillian Ball’s A Long Way from PONG, Typewriters and Zack Morris Cell Phones

Melissa Barrett’s The Celebrity Did It

Max Bitter’s Get Fitter With Bitter

Dave Brinch’s Sports, News Legalities

Michael Gardner’s Climate War

Tracey Garlington’s Life Abroad

Niina Heikkinen’s The Foreign American

Alex Holden’s When in Amherst

Elyse Horowitz’s Elyse in Health

Danielle Kahn’s Easy News Now

Nick Powers’ The Wrap-Up

Caitlin Quinn’s The Right to Muse

Alex Tillotson’s Food for All Seasons

FALL 2009

Mary K. Alfieri’s My Healthy Campus

Cal Scannell’s Use and Abuse Blog

Sara Afzal’s MediGal

Chris Russell’s Health Care Is Sick

Erica-Jayne’s Blog

Kirsten Swensen’s Probing the Pandemic

Leif Walcutt’s Band Aids and American Boo-Boos Blog

Brendan Anthony’s Food Enthusiasts Unite Blog

Angela Chen’s Eating Yourself Healthy Blog

Jeff Larnard’s Blog

Andy Smith’s Handicapping the Issue

Alex Mangini’s Blog

Caitlin Coughlan’s Generation I

Liz Murphy’s Anti-Thinspiration Blog


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