Thursday: Guest Speaker and Twitter Assignment

Hi all —

We will have a guest speaker for the first hour on Thursday.  Eric Athas graduated from the UMass Journalism program in 2008 and is currently a Digital News Specialist at NPR Digital Services.  Please background him and come prepared with questions on Thursday. You can earn extra credit with a 500-word blog entry on his discussion.  You can earn 0-2 points to your final grade based upon the quality of your post.

Also, you have your final Twitter assignment of the semester on Thursday night:


Dr. Pierre Rouzier, UMass Sports Med Doctor and UHS Family Physician, was at the finish line of  Boston Marathon when the bombs exploded.  He will share his experiences and reflections as a first responder and will discuss the importance of community support in such tragic situations. He will answer questions after the talk. This conversation on First Response is open to everyone, but will be especially helpful for those planning to be part of the medical community. Others who may have been on the scene that day will be given an opportunity to share brief comments. Thank you.

Please use the hashtag:  #umassrouzier and file 7-10 tweets on the discussion.

And, start thinking about what you’re going to make for the Class Party!






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