Your Next Two Twitter Assignments…..

TWITTER ASSIGNMENT#3:   Ok, so this is going to be a little different and more fun.  This idea comes courtesy of my friend Carrie Brown-Smith at the University of Memphis.  The idea is to go on a scavenger hunt for school spirit between tonight and Sunday.  I want you to find as many examples as you can — you have several events to  help you including a basketball game tonight and a hockey game Saturday night, as well as the Blarney Blowout on Saturday.  Remember that you are a reporter, so interview people, take photos and observe all.  This is a strictly mobile assignment — in other words, I want you using your phone to tweet and shoot photos. 

We’ll use the hashtag: #UMscavenger.  Please post at least eight (8) tweets.  DEADLINE:  9 p.m. Sunday night.


TWITTER ASSIGNMENT #4: We’re going to try a little crowdsourcing with this assignment.  I want you all to log on to and set up an account. I have not used this tool yet but it’s a way to geolocate tweets. Basically, I want you to investigate this tool by picking an issue and geolocate the tweets around the topic.  For example: If you pick hockey and want to know what Canadian fans are saying about the Bruins game, you can geolocate tweets around Montreal that have hockey hashtags. This is another mobile assignment and is definitely a topic  you can pursue wherever you are during Spring Break.  We’ll talk about this tool on the Tuesday after break.



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