Good News/Bad News

Folks —

The Good News:  I have your midterms graded and for the most part all of you did well (B or above.)


The Bad News:  As of 7:06 p.m. ET (my clock) on Sunday, there are a good number of zeroes on my grade sheet for Blog #5 and Blog #6.  Any grade is better than no grade, so you might want to fix that.  You will be marked down, but get them done.  E-mail me when they are done, please.

Overall, I’m a bit disappointed with some of the blog entries on Will’s visit.  Many of you spelled his last name wrong.  That’s a one-grade deduction.  Many of you have lazy errors of style, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, word choice.  That indicates to me a lack of self-editing.  Finally, those that did blog about Will’s visit have not included quotes from Will’s discussion and many of the blog posts read like English essays.  I also saw this in a lot of blog entries for the last project.  Please remember, we are doing journalism here — your blog entries are news stories.  And, Will certainly had enough to say last week that was quotable.







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