Twitter Assignment #1

Please tweet the reactions to the result of Sunday’s Super Bowl.  There will likely be reactions/celebrations/more around campus and throughout the apartment complexes in Amherst.  But, the Southwest complex is usually the center of such celebrations.  If you end up there tweeting about what is going on, please stay safe. Please give me 4-6 tweets about what you are seeing and hearing about celebrations around campus.  Don’t tweet rumors.  Remember, this is a reporting exercise.

Don’t forget that for every tweet you do, you need to use a hashtag to collect all of our tweets in a stream.  For this assignment, let’s use:


Remember, you only have 140 characters, so try and keep your tweets to one thought/idea.

Please do at least 3-5 tweets on the postgame celebrations.  Feel free to post photos via Twitpic (if you get ambitious.)

DEADLINE:  9 a.m. Monday.



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