Folks —

Here’s what I would like today:

*  Using the hashtag #WTFTI, file a series of tweets on today’s Teach-In.  How many?  Enough to create a blog entry with.  So, think in terms of 8-10 tweets (at least.)  Remember, you’re active journalists.  So, talk to people.  Interview people.  Engage.  Avoid passivity.

*  From your tweets I want you to write a blog post.  Deadline:  11 p.m. tonight.  This would be Blog #6.

Today’s Teach-In Schedule:

11:15 Video montage

11:45, Part 1:  What is happening and why

Madeleine Burrows, student from Wisconsin, Why are we here?

Melissa Urban, CEPA and Dan Clawson, Sociology, Impact on students and higher education

Jo Comerford, National Priorites Project, Impact on our communities

Neoliberalism:  What is it and what is its impact?

David Kotz, Economics, The economic crisis and the attack on unions

Sut Jhally, Communication, The media

Emily Kawano, Center for Popular Economics, Taxes and Inequality

Michael Thelwell, Afro-American Studies, Race and Inequality

Angelica Bernal, Political Science, The attack on immigrants

Dale Melcher, Labor Center, Why are unions under fire?

1:10, Part 2: What can we do about it?

Jerry Friedman, Economics, Single payer heatlh care

Max Page, Art and Architecture, Taxes and revenue

Mike Fox, student trustee, Report from UMass Board of Trustees

Malcolm Chu, No One Leaves Coalition, Fighting foreclosures and evictions

Paola Ozuna and Ferd Wulkan, CEPA and PHENOM, Action for higher education

1:50, Break

2:00 Live webcast from New York (to 124 campuses nationwide)

Frances Fox Piven, moderator

Cornel West, The crisis for communities and youth
Jeffrey Sachs, Corporate greed (wealth transfers, income inequality)
Heather McGhee, Demos, Debt (federal mortgage, students loans, etc.)
Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO, Austerity
Three activists:  Wisconsin student, anti-foreclosure homeowner, UFT teacher

Sponsored by: Afro-American Studies, Anthropology, Communication, CPPA, Economics, English, History, The Labor Center, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, STPEC, Women Gender Sexuality Studies, MSP/MTA, UAW 2322,  RA Union, GEO, PRO-UAW, PHENOM, PSU/MTA, USA/MTA, Student Bridges, CEPA, International Socialist Organization
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