Assignment & Extra Credit

Hi gang —

Thanks to all of you who showed up today.  As I mentioned in class today, I would like you all to follow the coverage on Al Jazeera as well as on cable, twitter and FB….and tweet (original tweets as well as retweets) before our next class on Thursday (5-8 tweets would be good.)

Also, here is another Extra Credit assignment for Thursday (same rules as last time — attend and tweet — with 0-2 points available):

What:  Panel discussion.  “Popular Uprisings in the Arab World: An Open Discussion on Recent Events.”

When:  Thursday, 4 p.m.

Where: Cape Cod Lounge.

Who: Amel Ahmed, political science
David Mednicoff, public policy and Social Thought & Political Science
Jillian Schwedler, political science

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One Response to Assignment & Extra Credit

  1. jlvarney says:

    AmherstWire will also be covering the rally tomorrow. Anyone from class who wants to join us on our coverage can meet up with us at NOON in the Newman Center Cafe before the rally’s 1 p.m. start time. There we will go over our plan for coverage. We will also be tweeting live from the rally, if anyone wants to tweet you can use hashtag #umassrally and it will show up on our Web site’s twitter feed.

    Pasted below is the Press Release for Saturday’s Rally

    Press Release: Western MA Rally in Solidarity with the Egyptian People


    Contact: Omar S. Dahi 413-313-2492

    The Western Massachusetts Coalition for Palestine, joined by several organizations from across the Pioneer Valley, will hold a rally and march in solidarity with the Egyptian people on Saturday, February 5th from 1-3pm. The Rally will assemble at the Haigis Mall at the University of Massachusetts and march through downtown Amherst, ending with an assembly at Amherst College on the steps of Frost Library.

    For decades, the people of Egypt have suffered under the dictatorship of Husni Mubarak. At the same time that successive US government administrations have supported this dictatorship with military and financial aid totaling over $2 billion a year, they have issued empty statements demanding democratic reform in the Middle East. Tired of waiting, enraged by the corruption and repression of their government, and inspired by the Tunisian revolution, the Egyptian people have taken matters into their own hands, teaching the world, and the US in particular, what democracy truly means. However, rather than taking sides with this people’s revolution, the Obama administration has continued to support the Egyptian regime. By not decisively acting against Mubarak, the United States must claim responsibility for continued repression by the Egyptian state security apparatus.

    This Western MA march and rally in solidarity with the Egyptian people will call for the US government to respond to the will of the Egyptian people by ending immediately US military aid to Egypt as long as the Mubarak regime remains in power. We will call on the US not to interfere in the formation of a transitional government no matter who is instated by the people of Egypt. It is up to only the Egyptians to decide who will represent them, and what their domestic and foreign policy will be.

    We ask all media to cover this event and to join us at the rally!

    This event is endorsed and co-sponsored by: Amherst Amnesty International, Amherst Human Rights Commission, Amherst College Students for Justice in Palestine, Hampshire College Students for Justice in Palestine, Middle East Peace Coalition of Western MA, SmithSTAND, Western Mass Darfur Coalition, Amherst International Socialist Organization, UMass Muslim Public Affairs Council, Western Mass Code Pink.

    The Western Massachusetts Coalition for Palestine is a group of organizations and community members who have come together to advocate for justice for the people of Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza and in the Arab and global diaspora.

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