For Tuesday

Hi all —

Not sure where to start, but hopefully you have been keeping up with events in Egypt since Friday.  If you haven’t, well, let’s not think of that.  Here are some places for you to check out:

*  If you’re not following me on Twitter, you should @stevejfox.  Also, check out the #umassjour feed — there is lots of good material there.   The two main hashtags since Friday have been #egypt and #jan25.  Also, @AJEnglish/egyptprotests is a good list have reporters to follow.

*  I’ve set up a delicious list of Egypt stories as well.

Al Jazeera English is proving to be an interesting source of information. AJ English also has a live feed which is continuing to broadcast, even with the shut down of the Cairo bureau.

*  The level of coverage has been like a fire hose since Friday.  There is a lot of good coverage out there, here are a few:

Wired’s Danger Room

The Lede blog by The New York Times

* This Video

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One Response to For Tuesday

  1. jlvarney says:

    I’m taking a course this semester with Communications Professor Sut Jhally.
    He sent out this email to the class, I thought I’d share:

    I hope that people are following the incredible events unfolding in Egypt right now.

    I would stay away from the mainstream corporate media (CNN, FOX, the networks) as you will get a very restricted view of what is happening.

    Democracy Now is an excellent independent source:

    Aljazeera English (blocked by US cable providers) is also very good and available live at:

    Also, an excellent source of academic, artistic and journalistic reflection on unfolding events can be found at Jadaliyya, an ezine brought out by the Arab Studies Institute:

    Stay informed!

    Sut Jhally

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