Blog Discussion #1

Please weigh in on the comments board with your thoughts on this video.

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12 Responses to Blog Discussion #1

  1. Andrew Morrison says:

    I’m not sure what to think of this video. As an advertisment I guess it was successful because I am now interested to know more about this topic. It’s also weird in the sense that it says gangs are everywhere and that they’re not just an urban problem anymore. I know it also said it was about Tennessee, but after watching the video, I kind of expected to look out of my window and see gang members just chilling out there.

  2. Noelle Richard says:

    I understand that this video was a preview for a documentary series of gang violence. However, I felt that it could have had more footage than just subtitles and pictures. It is a very interesting topic, but I think the video does no do it justice. But, I will say, I thought the facts were accurate and informing for people who know about gang violence, and for people who are not exposed to it. I think the video did a good job of grabbing the attention of both kinds of audience members.

  3. jlvarney says:

    I think this video, which is an audio slide show teaser for an upcoming story in a newspaper, can be improved in many areas to make it more compelling. First, the music is kind of distracting and doesn’t fit the tone of the video. Also, the information the filmmaker is trying to convey by text on the black screens would’ve been better conveyed to the audience by a voice over with accompanying b-roll or still images that illustrate what the reporter is saying. The quote at the end is a very good soundbite and illustrates what the story is about. I would’ve liked to see that soundbite placed more at the beginning of the piece.

  4. Kimya Hedayat-Zadeh says:

    The video was well-edited and communicated the overall topic: gang violence spreading to suburbs of Tennessee, but I would have liked the filmmaker to incorporate the stories of the people in the still images more. That kind of personal detail and context in multimedia stories attracts my interest more than the general statements in black and white. I agree with jlvarney that there should be more voiceover.

  5. Matt McCarron says:

    Well, the first thing that jumps out to me as I watched the video was the music. It doesn’t have any type of relevance to the topic whatsoever. In fact, it’s so upbeat that an individual watching the video might think the creator is in favor of gangs in Tennessee. It didn’t have any b-roll, just still photographs, and it only have one sound byte. The creator should have interviewed some residents on camera as well as some gang members. Then they would be telling both sides of the story because as it is the video is too vague and boring.

  6. James Fetcho says:

    I agree with the previous comment discussing the music choice. That was what stuck out to me as the only major issue with this add. I found the clips of dialogue, which made an appearance towards the end, much more effective. The images and the text got the point across, I just feel that the audio could be adjusted. The subject matter is very interesting and relevant and even with these issues I still think it was effective enough to see what will come of it.

  7. Karmen Wong says:

    To be honest, when I first watched I didn’t know what this video was trying to promote. I thought it was going to a newcast for that spoof news show, The Onion. Is this really going to be a documentary series? Suburban gangs? I think this video could have used at least a video clip instead of just a slide show. It seems to be promoting gang violence to me, especially with the use of that audio clip. The theme music is totally unrelated.

  8. Rachel Roberts says:

    The video was certainly interesting enough as an introduction to gang violence in Tennessee, but I think it could have been more effective. It would have seemed more compelling if there were specific examples of gang violence (although the funeral scene was a good shot).

  9. Cassina Brown says:

    This video was short, informed the viewer what the issue was, and quickly introduced the aspects who, what, where and when. The audio was appropriate for the video clips and the music seemed to fit the general tone of the video.

  10. Ben Brody says:

    This looks like a good story – I’d stay tuned for the rest. It’s a tough subject to cover and I’m more interested in seeing how the reporters worked than in the content of the story itself. Of course Tennessee has crazy problems. I went through TN on a motorcycle and the fumes coming off the distilleries nearly knocked me off the bike.

  11. Curtis Bloomfield says:

    This video just brings to the public what has been going on for years which is gangs and gang violence. I grew up in a neighborhood where there were constant gang wars between crips and bloods. I was fortunate enough to have avoided any conflict with the two but I have seen the results of the violence. Gang banging is a huge problem that needs to be tackled.

  12. juxtapolaris says:

    The problem for me with this video are is the cliche form of it. The music seems stock, the text is standard and gives little information, and the photos zooming in and out just makes the product look amatuer and in turn unappealing. The topic is important and has potential for a solid multi-media package, but a little creativity and originality goes a long way in selling that package to people.

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