9/11, Blogs and Social Media

Multimediaites —

So, to follow up on our recent Social Media discussion today, I wanted to share the travels of my blog post on 9/11 and Journalism.

As I write on the blog, I saw this #wherewereyou hashtag on Twitter on 9/10.  After reading the Twitter feed, I wrote my entry on 9/11 and then posted it on Facebook and Twitter.  Editors at The Post saw it and they posted it here.  I saw some spikes in page views but what really intrigued me were the analytics which showed page views from 9/12 on 9/11.  I thought it was a glitch but then remembered the global reach of The Post and figured I had some reading in a time zone a day ahead.  The Boston.com editor then saw it and commented on it and then added a link to the post on Boston.com’s Facebook page with this comment:  Boston.com FYI, nice remembrance by UMass prof Steve Fox, ex national/political editor of washingtonpost.com, on his 9/11/01, right here: http://umassjournalismprofs.wordpress.com/2010/09/11/remembering-911/

Nieman caught up yesterday and blogged about the hashtag.

An interesting exercise in Web publishing.

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