Welcome to Multimedia!

Hi all and welcome to Multimedia Journalism!

This blog is where you will find the Syllabus, Day-to-Day schedule and other important links for this class.  This space will also be the place where we converse between classes and where I post links and discussions.  So check this page daily!

Let’s start off by looking at this video on Boston.com.

Good?  Bad?  Any issues with this video?  Go ahead and weigh in with your comments on the comments board.


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14 Responses to Welcome to Multimedia!

  1. Elayne Badrigian says:

    Hello! For its short length, I thought the video conveyed well why she chose to attend the University of Michigan. However, the word “reject” is not uttered once in the video. I hoped the video would have explained why she “rejected” UMass more thoroughly, instead of focusing mainly on why she went with Michigan. The title led me to believe that the video would be primarily about UMass and her reasons for not going here. I don’t think UMass not “looking like a school” is sufficient.

  2. Demi says:

    The video was too short to express this student’s full opinion on why she and her friends opted not to go to UMass. All we really learned was that she likes sporting events, and that she drove by the UMass campus one time. Obviously, UMass has football and hockey games, too, (as does just about every other university) so it seems as though she chose Michigan almost completely at random.

  3. Mariel Kennison says:

    One of the first things this girl said was that she chose Michigan because of its academic reputation and social life, but then all she could talk about were the sports games she could attend! Never again did she mention the academic aspect of her choice, which made me think is not only dissed UMass’s reputation but is having her parents pay triple the tuition just to send her to football games (with one free hockey game!)

  4. Talene says:

    I live less than 40 minutes from UMass, and to be honest, it wasn’t my first choice. But I couldn’t be happier with my decision, and I feel as though this girl didn’t look into the school enough before making a quick judgement to go out-of-state. UMass offers not only a great education, but the school spirit is definitely present, too. It seems as though she’s impressed by her school’s sporting events, and I’m willing to bet that she’d be just as impressed if not more at UMass, There’s a fit for everyone when it comes to schools and it all depends on what a particular person is looking for in a college education, But to say that UMass doesn’t hold up a good academic reputation is not a fact whatsoever. A lot of the time, students don’t want to live close to home and use that as the basis of their school decision. But this wasn’t the case here,

  5. Haley Omand says:

    The video is really one sided… What about all of the great students from Massachusetts and elsewhere that UMass was there first choice? Are they not as important as the people who choose to go out-of-state and therefore don’t get to have their stories told?

  6. Mike Mastone says:

    Like others have said, the biggest problem with this video is the fact that the video’s title and content are mostly unrelated. This could be contributed to poor quote choices and editing. Most of the quotes used convey why the girl chose Michigan, while title indicates that should have described why she did not chose in-state schools. Had the creator of the video used a different title or better, more informative quotes, I think the point would have been illustrated more clearly.

  7. Maggie says:

    What I got from this is that this girl and her fiends are exactly like half my graduating class in high school: thinking they are too good for a state school education…isn’t UMichigan a state school, as well? She uses the excuse of a better education and sports games but UMass has a huge sports following and a notoriously great education! She probably needs a little reality check.

  8. Lauren Tela says:

    The story is sort of uninteresting. It makes it seem as though Massachusetts schools are inadequate which is far from true. It did not even mention what goes on at UMass compared to the University of Michigan. The girl just simply states what she likes about Michigan. She sounds uneducated about what Massachusetts schools have to offer.

  9. ChelseaWhitton says:

    For me, this video was just a recent high school grad talking about things she wasn’t quite fully aware of. 1. She had seen UMass once. The video and editing failed to make a point of the exact academic reasons UMass failed to be of interest to the person of choice…in this case Davis.

    If I was to do a video on first-year college students moving away and not choosing UMass I would ask them what their intentions of majors were, and exactly how the program at UMass seemed lacking. Also, I would find a student that DID apply to a State School and was accepted and then interview why they decided to turn it down – rather than just someone who had a fleeting thought about a state school.

  10. Paige says:

    I agree with other who have said the video was not long enough to allow Maggie to fully express why she chose not go to UMass. I also do not think the title was appropriate for the content of the video and should have been changed. She mentioned “some of the local schools” not having what she was looking for socially and academically, but only specified one factor as to why she didn’t like UMass. It would have been interesting to hear more about what she didn’t like about UMass, instead of generalizing it with other “local schools”.

  11. Jessica says:

    I thought the video was a decent length. I feel like if it were to even be a few minutes longer, I would probably start to lose interest and move onto something else. This would be a good video to accompany with an article. I did think her reasoning for her choice of school focused more on the social aspects offered as opposed to academics, but you did get a feel for what’s important to this girl (sporting events).

  12. Thomas says:

    While I agree with the comments on the aesthetics of UMass, my immediate reaction is that Davis is quite uniformed when she is speaking about the University, it’s academics, athletics and spirit.

    If you can get past the fact that UMass is a bit bland architecturally, and remember the facts that President Wilson sent out to all of the students about the school’s ever-rising bar of academia, you would certainly at least apply.

    As far as school spirit, Maggie has probably never chanted the fight song at a basketball game or voiced her opinion to a referee with 10.000 other students at a hockey game. We don’t even have to go into the “celebrations” which need crowd control in South West.

  13. Josh Kellogg says:

    The video is a well done shorter documentary. As my peers have mentioned, Maggie gives a few legitimate reasons for choosing Michigan, and then fails to back up her argument. She mentions academics, and then talks about sports.
    Realistically, the video is missing another side to the argument. I would love to hear from two, or three other students. Thousands of students attend both UMass and Michigan, and we hear only from Maggie.

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