A Couple of Things

Multimediaites —

A couple of things to keep in mind for Tuesday’s class:  Please make sure your video and text pieces are uploaded to your blog by the end of the day.

Also, don’t neglect your personal blogs — make sure they are up-to-date, I’ll be reviewing them between now and the end of the semester and checking on your progression as bloggers….Also, please make sure to weigh in on the Class Blog Discussion.

Please reach out to your team members between today and Tuesday and begin talking through your Final Project.   Your storyboard will be due by the end of class but it’s a good idea to get the discussion going before Tuesday.

Here are the details again:

FINAL PROJECTYour final project is an issues-oriented piece and should cover one of the following areas:  Economy; homelessness; poverty; race; war.  If you have another topic idea, it will need my approval.  There will be three pieces to the finalPodcast or audio slideshow:  3-5 minutes;  Video:  3-5 minutes;  Text:  750-1,2oo words.

STORYBOARD: A storyboard (I will provide you with a template to fill out) of your story idea should be in submitted by the end of class on April 13The storyboard will make up 10 percent of your grade.

FIRST DRAFT:  How/when you collect material for your text and multimedia is up to you. (HINT:  The week of April 13 is a good idea.)  The first draft will make up 15 percent of your gradeDEADLINE:  Start of class on April 22.

FINAL VERSION:  Due on team blogs by 5 p.m.  on May 7.

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