The Screen of Death

Hi Multimediates —

I heard that some of you were getting the black screen of death when trying to upload to YouTube and/or Vimeo.

Unfortunately, one of the problems with free, open software is that a lot of people use it 🙂  When you get that screen, it usually just means it’s going to take some time (like a couple of hours) for the video to upload to either YouTube or Vimeo (unless you try and upload at 3 a.m…)

The solution usually is just to keep your computer up and running and walk away for a few hours.  If there is something else going on here, please let me know.

Thanks, and thanks to Emily for running class today!

Good luck,


P.S.:  I just received this note from Tony Sindelar:

I did some searching on the web on getting from Final Cut to YouTube and it suggest there is a common issue with uploading a full quality AVI into YouTube of that not being a format it can deal with and generating a black screen, the pages I found suggest uploading an MPEG/MP4, ideally an H.264 file. The Export Custom settings on Page 14 of the handout show the process that would do that.

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