The Next Week

Multimediaites —

Here are your assignments/deadlines for the next week:

TEAM ASSIGNMENT #1Weather Feature. Teams will produce a Soundslides project plus an accompanying text piece.  The slideshow should be 2-3 minutes in length and the text piece should be 500-700 words.

STORYBOARD: A storyboard (I will provide you with a template to fill out) of your story idea should be in my e-mail inbox not later than  11:15 a.m. on Feb. 16The storyboard will make up 10 percent of your grade.

FIRST DRAFT:  How/when you collect photos and audio is up to you. (HINT:  over the weekend is a good idea.)  But, I want first drafts of your audio slideshow and text piece to me by the start of class on Feb. 18.  We will spend class time on the 18th going over your drafts. The first draft will make up 15 percent of your grade.  (NOTE:  If you need time to go out and do reporting on Thursday, please come to class first to go over your drafts.)

DEADLINE:  Final version of project is due by end of class on Feb. 23.

SUMMARY ASSIGNMENT:  1-2 page summary/analysis of McAdams and Soundslides tutorial. This should be typewritten and double-spaced.  DUE:  Hard copies due to me by start of class on Feb. 18.

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