Short Essay Question for Midterm

Please read the following column (and the associated links within the column):

On a separate Word document, please consider and analyze:

* What are the ethical issues involved here?

*  Is there such a thing as unintended plagiarism?  Why?  Why not?

*  Who was at fault in this case?  Or was no one?  Was this just an innocent mistake that was blown out of proportion and should be forgiven?
In your essay, please address some of the larger issues involved with plagiarism in the 24-7 world of Web journalism.  How can a writer be expected to attribute everything they come in contact with on a daily basis?  What about the role of the editor?  How can editors be expected to fact-check in today’s world?

I’m looking for 4-8 reasoned paragraphs here.  Please e-mail in a Word document the final version of your essay.


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