More on Health Care

Hi multimediaites:

If you can, get yourself in front of a TV tonight at 8.  President Obama is scheduled to deliver a key speech to Congress on health-care reform.

If you know how to set up Google Alerts, please set one up for health care.  This is a really nifty way to stay on top of health care news.  Google will send you a regular digest of stories on an issue if you set up an alert for it.  We’ll talk more about this in class.

Also, when you’re thinking about topics for your blog, think in terms of how you can bring your topic down to the university level. So, if you were to choose mental health, what angle would you take from a UMass perspective?

There’s a lot of stuff out there, but here’s an interesting piece by NPR that ran this morning.

Also, I’ve decided to set up a hashtag on Twitter for this class:  #umassjour.  All of your posts related to this class should include this hashtag (we’ll talk more about this in class.)

And, don’t forget:  You have a one-page (double-spaced) written piece due for class tomorrow.

EXTRA CREDIT:  Here are more details about Saturday’s event.  Since most of you will not have a blog set up by Saturday, you will have two options:  Twitter the event or write a 1-2 page paper (double-spaced.)  We’ll talk more about this in class.


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