Globe, guild reach deal

In case you missed it, the news came in the early morning hours:

From The Globe:  The Boston Globe’s largest union reached a tentative deal with the New York Times Co. shortly after 3 a.m. this morning, agreeing to a substantial pay cut, unpaid furloughs, and modifications to the lifetime job guarantee provisions that protect almost 200 employees in the Boston Newspaper Guild, according to sources familiar with the deal.

Much of the information you have gathered so far can/should still be used — just make sure you contextualize it.  So, just like you would explain context in your text, do the same with narration in your videos or audio slideshows.

If you can, get back to some of your Globe/Republican sources and see what they say about the deal.  Also, note that The Globe is using the number 200 when referencing those with lifetime job guarantees.

And, yes, we will meet in class on Thursday.


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