Mutlimediaites —

Keep in mind that you can hand in your final project EARLY!  I’ve given May 19 as a deadline because I want to make sure you all have editing time for your multimedia components.  But, if you can hammer away with it and get it done before then, GO FOR IT!  In other words, don\’t wait until the last minute!

Remember that we have multiple goals here.  Not only are you working on this project for a grade for this class, but we\’re also putting together a project to be posted on Amherst Wire that will hopefully give people insight into the situation with The Globe and the state of the industry, as well as the whizbang abilities of the Journalism students here.

In other deadline news, the deadline for the union concessions is Friday.   I know some of you were planning Boston trips this weekend but I would highly advise all teams to make trips this weekend, depending on what happens on Friday.  It will be a good weekend to get interviews.


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