‘Save The Globe’

Hey Folks —

I received this email today:

Good afternoon,

My name is Laura Wareck and I work with O’Neill and Associates here in Boston.  We are working with the union that represents all of the reporters to save the Boston Globe. As you know, the Globe is in a battle for its life with its parent company, the New York Times.  Times management has told the Globe newspaper unions to find $20 million in savings or face closure.  The Globe is too important and too much a part of the life and culture of the region for those of us who love and value our newspaper to allow it to be cut to the bone, and possibly shut all together.

We are working on a variety of efforts to help the newspaper, and we are writing today to request your help with three important initiatives:

· Sign the petition of support… and ask friends, students, colleagues and family, too. We have heard from many loyal readers from across the country who want to show their support.  The online petition is the perfect opportunity to do so, and takes only moments.  Please sign the petition and make sure you forward this e-mail to as many friends and family member and ask them to sign.

· Post the petition to your Facebook page or Twitter account. We want to make sure as many people as possible sign our petition – please post this link: http://www.bgol.org/savetheglobe.html to your personal Facebook page or Twitter account to help spread the word.

· Join us on Friday, April 24th, at a reader and worker rally to save the Boston Globe. We will be holding a reader and worker rally on Friday, April 24th at Faneuil Hall, beginning at noon.  We would be honored to have you and your students join us to show your support!

The Boston Globe is a vital community asset, and thanks again for your support in this critical effort.  Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions.  Below is the official announcement for Friday’s rally and the link to the petition.



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