Some Reminders/Guidelines

Multimediaites —

As you start reporting and interviewing for your final project, here are a few things to keep in mind:

*  A good audio slideshow means strong audio plus strong images.  What’s the story you are trying to tell?  Get up close and personal with your subjects.  Get tight frames so you can capture the emotions of your subjects.  Your readers want facial expressions.

*  Remember the rule of thirds.

*  Good video also means good audio.  But, again, get up close and personal.  Don’t stay with one shot too long.  Come at the story from different angles/perspectives.

*  Take a critical editing eye to your piece of the project as well as what your teammates are doing.  Don’t get too wedded to an idea so that you’re unable to recognize that it’s not working and that you need to switch gears.

*  Having ‘headline here’ at the start of an audio slideshow project kind of detracts from the professionalism.  Always make sure you preview projects before handing them in so that you can catch stuff like that.

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