Equipment Check

Folks —

I said this in class and in our meetings but I will say it again here.  Before you go out on a video assignment you should test your equipment to make sure everything is ready to go.   That includes:

Charging your battery.  There was one team who did not do Friday’s assignment because they did not charge their camera’s battery.   This is like failing to bring a pen or a notebook on an assignment and indicates a lack of seriousness.

DV Tapes.  I am pretty sure I gave a tape to each team but again there was a team that did not do Friday’s assignment because they didn’t have a tape.  If you need a tape you can get one for $5 at the U Store and they are sold everywhere.

I was talking to a photo/video editor friend of mine over the weekend who said he had a videographer who recently could not go out on assignment because his battery was not charged.  My editor friend said it was totally unacceptable behavior that did not reflect well on the employee.

He’s right.

Make sure you are prepared for your assignments — make sure you have extra DV tapes and have charged your batteries and everything is in working order.  Otherwise, it will not reflect well on your grades.


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