Midterm Review

As I mentioned in class, the midterm will be an in-class open-book exam. No Internet, but you can use your notes. The midterm will include true/false questions, fill in the blanks, short answer and at least one (possibly two) essay questions.

Topics to be included in the midterm include but are not restricted to:

* State of the industry. Be up-to-date on the concepts of convergence, interactivity, what makes for a good news site and news story. What are some of the ethical issues facing the industry.

* Blogs. What makes for a good blog. What are the key elements? What makes a blogger a blogger?

* Multimedia/Features. Be familiar with the concepts behind slideshows, RSS, video, databases. Why are all these used?

* Audio. Be familiar with the issues outlined in the powerpoint presentation as well as \’Sound In the Story.\’

* Credibility. What makes for a good news site? How can you rely on information? What makes for a good blog? What makes for good audio?

Good Luck,


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