News or Entertainment?

Jon Stewart spends a little time talking about CNBC.

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6 Responses to News or Entertainment?

  1. Nobody knows what is happening with this economy. Nobody really knows. Yeah, the guys at CNBC have made some bad calls, but who guessed right? Who knew we were on our way to a depression. If anything, theirs’ were valiant attempts to swing opinion towards boosting the economy again.

    There is a very populist strain running through the United States right now and because of it no one is taking an unbiased look at how to fix things.

    The Obama administration has successfully positioned the banks and stock market as the “bad guys” in this mess. I hesitate to use the term scapegoat, because there is an enormous amount of culpability on their part, but the amount of criticism they are dealing with is not conducive to turning around the economy. Like it or not, we need these banks and insurance companies to turn things around.

    Meanwhile the news media is just playing into Obama’s message. They love to point at CEOs and cry foul when they get a bonus, fly on a private jet or host a convention. But by demonizing the very industries that could save us, journalists are framing public opinion to bring power to the White House and federal government.

    I’m not arguing whether this good or bad, I am just saying that we cannot foster legitimate debate on the solution in this climate. The news media has to stop kowtowing to Robert Gibbs and take some economics classes.

    It really is starting to remind me of the Iraq war. Something bad happens in the beginning of a Presidency, the President goes to extremes to avert more trouble, he brings the public to blame a certain group of people, the media goes along with it, then… well, I hope that this time, it won’t be disaster.

  2. Stephanie McPherson says:

    This is entertainment because its news. It’s stuff that people are already talking about, and it’s presented in a way that is fun to watch. All the interviews that were strung together to make the montage were on real news programs, but the way he presented them showed them in a funny light. Things on this show can’t always be taken as fact, because it is essentially a comedy show. But it’s fun to hear his point of view on the happenings of America.

  3. Carol says:

    I think Jon Stewart’s show is more entertainment than news. One cannot watch The Daily Show and consider it the only place they need to get the news. Yes, it is current and focuses on news, but in a funny, usually biased manner. I like the Daily Show, but it can’t be the sole contributor to someone’s daily news intake.
    Jon Stewart’s show is basically all about poking fun at others, while staying current.

  4. rosiewalunas says:

    This is primarily entertainment. Where there might be a fact or two (if viewers can distinguish between what is a fact and what is not), that is news. This essentially mocks what is in main stream news. If educated viewers did not have major news outlets to look towards, I am not sure one could distinguish facts from complete jokes. Viewers might only find these comments as funny because they are somewhat familiar with what’s coming from major news outlets.

  5. “Entertainment news” shows such as “The Daily Show” and “Colbert Report” have crossed into a gray area of the mainstream news. They are primarily entertainment, but they do focus on news issues. All to often I hear people say that they get their news from these sources. Although that is itself a frightening prospect, I would rather they listen to Stewart’s tongue-in-cheek style that is obviously entertainment than someone like Sean Hannity who still believes he is practicing journalism.

  6. emilygrund says:

    The Daily Show is entertainment but it’s also smart. This clip took planning and research that other news programs need, such as taking the time to cut clips from CNBC and comparing them to actual facts. The CNBC clips he pokes fun at aren’t news either, it’s guys giving you their opinion on money. Though biased, he brings up an interesting argument on how certain people react to the stimulus and why. I agree with others who have commented that this shouldn’t be your only source of getting news but it can shed some new, and humorous light on hot topics.

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