Blog Assignment: Create an FAQ

Multimediaites, Your Assignment:

Create an FAQ on Obama’s Economic stimulus package. In other words, summarize the basic facts and current state of the package. Your job is to simplify a very complicated subject for your readers.  DEADLINE:  Midnight, Sunday.

Step 1: Read up on the issue. Read from a variety of sources, including news Web sites, blogger, governement Web sites, magazine, periodicals. Check out educational Web sites and see what economists have written about the current plan as well. This is a political issue as well as an economic issues so make sure you cover both sides.

Step 2: You have some questions as you start this process and you read and learn, come up with 5 questions you think your readers would be interested in having the answer to. Keep the questions simple and on one topic.

Step 3: Write a narrative with links out to your different sources. Each bullet point should be no more than three sentences with at least 2 links.

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