Welcome to Multimedia Journalism!

Multimediaites –

“People will judge you based on what you build; not what you destroy,” Barack Obama

This quote lives on our class blog and will be one of the guiding principles we follow in class this semester.

Despite all the gloom and doom scenarios out there about the future of journalism, the desire for good journalism and good storytelling remains strong. In this class you will learn a variety of techniques that will help you navigate the new roiling waters of journalism.

The death of newspapers does not equal the death of journalism. There are many examples of the ‘new’ journalism out there. David Cohn’s Spot.Us project is one of the latest experiments at reversing the traditional business model of journalism.

You are the new generation of journalists and it is up to you to determine the new models. It is an exciting and innovative time to be in journalism and we will try hard to maintain that spirit during the course of this class.


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