Mumbai Attacks, technology and journalism

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Over the years, it seems that each major news event brings with it a spectrum jump in the use of technology. And, the Mumbai attacks proved this out as well. Please read up on coverage of the coverage and the influence of technology and we’ll have a discussion on Wednesday:

* TechCrunch’s take:

“You can jump up and down and shout all you want that Twitter isn’t a real news source. But all you are doing is viewing the world through a reality lens that’s way outdated. People want information fast and raw from people who are on the scene. If it gets a little messy along the way, that’s ok. We’ll soon see tools that help us distill the really good stuff out of the stream anyway. What matters isn’t any individual Twitter message and whether it’s right or wrong. It’s the organism as a whole, the aggregate, that lets people stream what they’re witnessing in real time to the world. That aggregate stream gives us more information, faster, than anything before. It’s news, and it’s incredibly valuable.”

* Shefali Yogendra explains why twitter is the perfect tool for emergencies:

As Mumbai saw an unprecedented instance of what can only be described as ‘distributed terrorism’, Twitter sprung into action. Twelve hours later, Twitter users all over the world were saying they found Twitter updates more reliable, timely and clear. The following characteristics of Twitter make it a perfect tool for use in emergencies – both for disseminating updates and information, and for coordinating help efforts such as contacting friends and relatives, and organizing blood donation drives.

Some other stories:

* NYT:

* Mindy McAdams:

* WSJ:

* Global Voices:

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2 Responses to Mumbai Attacks, technology and journalism

  1. Shefaly says:


    Thanks for the hat tip!

  2. Emily R says:

    I think that there are two sides to using twitter. Obviously it is a great tool for something like an attack where you want a lot of news and information fast and news outlets haven’t picked it up yet. The problem is that it may not be accurate and getting info from one person may make the situation seem better or worse than it actually is because they are not getting all of the information available. I do agree with one quote that some information is better than no information at all.

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