Your Final Project

Folks —

Please keep a few things in mind for your final project:

* You should be focusing on doing original content. You can use some file footage for B-roll, but the project should be mostly original video/photos, audio and text.

* Remember, the text piece should be a separate companion piece to your multimedia piece. I went back and looked at several projects over the weekend and there were several projects where those interviewed for multimedia pieces were the main focus of the written pieces and vice versa. It’s ok to take quotes from the multimedia pieces and include them in the written piece but it shouldn’t be the overall focus. More edits are needed on the written pieces — I’m seeing style, spelling and grammar errors — more copyedits please.

* All team members should be going over raw video and helping out on the editing as well. I don’t want to see just one person editing the video — you should all be comfortable enough — or should be making yourself comfortable — in editing at this point. You should be going over the raw video this week and determining whether or not you need to go back and do more interviews.

* Rules to remember: the rule of thirds; show me, don’t tell me; tighter is always better. Show me faces, expressions — not the back of heads and people walking away!

* Narration is better than text. Practice control and tone of your voice before doing the narration.

* Remember, the due date is Dec. 17, but I will accept them earlier. I will not look at rough drafts past next Monday’s class.

* Text pieces should be between 750-1000 words and video pieces can range between 3-4 minutes.

* And, don’t forget: Your Final is weighted double!


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